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Members conduct workshops and working group sessions that can be strategic, tactical or both This is an opportunity for members to conduct deep-dive discussions on various business and technical topics — strategy, use cases, solutioning, technology evaluation, standards and implementation.

02 May 2018


Agenda: To discuss the Consortium Strategy and Governance approach. The topics covered are: Value Proposition, Focus areas, Use Cases Setup, Corporate Governance, Cadence.

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16 May 2018, New York City

Use Cases

To discuss Energy Use Cases for Blockchain. Identify key participants in the Value chain and develop first draft of use case template and apply the template for 2 specific use cases.

Past Event

30 May 2018

Use Cases

To develop use cases for grid security and resiliency.
Draft 2 of earlier Use Cases. Develop first Cut of 2 Security Use Case for Utilities from Transmission to Distribution.

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04 Jun 2018, Orlando, FL

Regulated Market Use Cases

Agenda: To discuss use cases for Regulated Energy Markets

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15 Jun 2018

Use Cases for Oil & Gas Market

Agenda: To discuss Use Cases for Oil & Gas market

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29 Jun 2018, Canada (TBD)

Interoperability Standard

Agenda: To discuss Interoperability standards for DER Microgrid Use Case

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