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Blockchain in Power and Energy Conference

Two Days Conference: Nov 1-2, 2018 Orlando, Florida
August 21, 2018

First-Ever Global Conference for Blockchain in Power and Energy to Be Held in Orlando

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, August 21, 2018 — The 2018 Global Power & Energy Blockchain Conference will be held on Nov. 1-2 at the Hilton Orlando. It is being co-organized by the Energy Blockchain Consortium and the Blockchain Conference Network; its host partner is the City of Orlando. The Consortium is dedicated to bringing a smooth transition to blockchain for the power and energy industries.

The next revolution to hit the power and energy industries is blockchain, according to Jim Lawnin, a Houston venture capitalist with a history of introducing blockchain to the energy industry. “It will definitely be disruptive and will bring on big changes in business models and practices,” he said. Formerly IBM’s lead partner in ExxonMobil, Lawnin is one of the top executives and thinkers who will be participating in the conference, addressing the future of power and energy industries in the time of blockchain.

“This is the world’s first conference focused on the use of blockchain technology in the power and energy industries. These sectors will need to adapt to embrace this transformative change,” said Tony Giroti, founder and Chairman of the Consortium.

Llewellyn King, a journalist and broadcaster who founded The Energy Daily and New Technology Week, will be a moderator and speaker. “Blockchain will not only be essential to the development and streamlining of these industries, but it will also be fundamental to the smart cities projects which are the rage all over the world,” he said. “This new technology is big and critical for the utilities.”
King added, “As artificial intelligence plays a larger role in managing cities, blockchain will provide the backbone.”

Dr. Marco Terruzzin, Director at E.ON, an international, privately owned energy supplier, will be a conference speaker. “I believe that blockchain will enable new business models reducing cost and creating more value for existing and new stakeholders in the energy sector,” he said.

Other speakers at the conference include Jay Zoellner, CEO, Edison Energy; Mark Knight, Chief Engineer, Electric Infrastructure Integration, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Melisa Johns, Vice President, Business Product Development, Duke Energy; Chris Castro, Director of Sustainability, Orlando mayor’s office; and Dane Christensen, Senior Engineer, National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Energy Blockchain Consortium is a nonprofit consortium of energy and blockchain organizations and professionals who are committed to leveraging blockchain technology to solve the most compelling problems in the energy industry. The Consortium is developing an open energy blockchain framework (named Catena™) with use cases, interoperability standards and reference architecture.
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