Blockchain is a transformative technology that can fundamentally change the way the Energy industry conducts business. By joining the Consortium, you can reduce your risk and reduce your cost. You can learn from the experts, be hands-on and work side-by-side with your peers in a non-competitive environment.

Why you should join?
We assist members in their Blockchain lifecycle journey with education, identifying Blockchain opportunities, vetting Use-Cases, providing technology options, building an ecosystem of partners with common synergy and launching Pilots. Members get a safe and reliable environment based upon best practices, use case catalog, Blockchain accelerator lab, standards and good actors.

(a) Reduce Risk — i.e. Business Risk, Technology Risk and Execution Risk;
(b) Reduce Cost — i.e. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO);
(c) Save Time — i.e. Time-to-market and Go-to-market strategy.

Why do it alone? You can save months and years of work and avoid bad-actors. Become a member and start benefiting.

Membership Application

Access to R&D

Framework & Standards

The Consortium is developing an Open Energy Blockchain Framework that includes Energy Use Cases, Open Energy Common Information Model, Interoperability Standards and a Reference Architecture. As a member you have early access to this work.
Member companies will lower their R&D Cost and accelerate their Time-to-market.

Collaborate hands-on in

Implementing Projects

The Consortium will identify and Implement projects and opportunities where members can work in a peer community to implement proof of concepts and pilots. Members can gain hands-on experience and participate in opportunities to scale the solution. This will enable members to take measured and incremental steps that are based upon the pragmatic "walk-before-you-run" approach.
Member companies will lower their technology risk and market risk.

Commercialize Reference

Implementations & Blueprints

The Consortium will develop Reference Implementations and Blueprints that can be used by members to commercialize their offerings.
Member companies will lower their technology risk and execution risk while accelerating their Time-to-market.


Partnerships & Alliances

The Consortium provides you an opportunity to create partnerships with likeminded companies who are thought leaders and leveraging Blockchain in Energy. Working early on, and in a collaborative environment, will give member companies a perfect opportunity to be prudent and selective in forming your own ecosystem.
Members can accelerate their go-to-market strategy.

Discounts for

Education & Research

The Consortium provides Blockchain webinars, training and conferences. Although webinars are free, member companies can get discounts on training and conferences. The Consortium will also conduct Research studies and White papers that member companies can access at discounts.

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